Dust and Tribulation

His name is Dust. Like the stuff beneath your feet, the fine layer of dirt that coats your skin and leaves it unclean. This is not his true name. It was given to him by those who found him. Those who persecute him. Those who hate him.

Despite that, although he does not know who he truly is or where he’s from, he will fight to save them even as he fights to save himself, for a darkness is growing and if it goes unchecked, it will swallow them all.



Everyone must choose.
Sinner, torn between shadow and light, must make his choice before it is too late, for the shadows here do more than stretch, they consume.
Can his companions trust him? Can he even trust himself?
Scattered and hunted by powerful enemies, Sinner and his companions fight to stay alive. But there are things worse than death.
One could be turned.

Age of Shadows

The Song of Man

Four ages for the realm of men
Two have gone
One is
And one is yet to come.

The Age of Wonders has been and gone
The Age of War left man undone
The Age of Shadows upon us crawls
And the Age of Light is yet to dawn.

From the Dawn of the Third Age,
Source unknown